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How to buy on Street Rides

A step by step guide to buying a ride on Street Rides

Buying is easy as pie when it comes to Street Rides. The website has been designed and developed to make your visit easy and hassle free.

Please use our few simple steps below to find the buy way to buy on Street Rides.

1, Sign Up

To benefit from all of street ridesí offers and functions you will need to register with us. It is completely FREE and easy to do!

Please Note: You will be asked to provide a valid email address. You will also need to choose a Username, which will be become your Street Rides identity, and a password. HINT! It is best to use a mixture of lowercase and upper case letters along with a combination of numbers to make your password more secure.

Once you've completed the registration you are all signed up and ready to go! You will find a members area full of handy tips by clicking the memberís area link.

2, Start Browsing

All you have to do now is simply start browsing the street rides site for that dream ride.

To search for a ride simply click the BUY button in the header section of the website and select from a series of drop down menus your desired range. Once you have selected your search range simply click the SUBMIT button to start searching!

HINT! Donít forget to make use of those handy search facilities and technical advice sections in case you get stuck!

3, Choose a Ride

The likelihood of you finding a ride that you really like on Street rides is very high so why not contact them straight away to avoid missing out.

We have given you the choice of how you wish to contact a seller so it suits you. Simply click on the item and contact the seller through our choice of contact sources:

  • Telephone
  • Email

4, Found a Ride?

Itís a hard situation when you see something that your really love the look of and all you want to do is buy it but please always look thoroughly into what you are buying before you hand over any money.

Make sure all Legal documents are enclosed with the sale and do not hand over any money to your buyer until you have all legal documents in your hand.

For more information on choosing your ride please view our Buyers Guide.

5, Viewing the Ride

It is always worth double checking your instincts when purchasing a new ride. We have avoided the impulse buyers market by not including credit card payments for rides on the site to help encourage a proper viewing of the ride.

There are lots of different things to look out for when actually viewing a car in the flesh so please take full advantage of our Buyers Guide for a full list.

6, The Sale

The final part of the deal is for you to exchange you money for the sellers tip top ride. By this stage you should be more than happy that the car is fully legal, fully legit and safe for you to drive away in.

The payment agreement must be made between you and the seller and is no longer part of the street rides terms and conditions but there is nothing to say we canít give you advice!

No matter what you are buying a sale is never complete without a receipt so make sure you drive away with a full receipt signed by both you and the seller of the car as well as the new keeper (the green slip) from the vehicles V5 document any relevant paperwork such as MOT slips and service history.