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R.M.S - Ride Management System

How to us the R.M.S

A simple step by step guide to selling your ride on Street Rides

How to us the R.M.S

How to sell a ride on Street Rides

Here at Street Rides our aim to is to make your Selling experience a pleasure so with careful planning and hand built coding we have developed what we like to call the R.M.SŪ

The R.M.SŪ stands for Ride Management System and by signing up for free with Street Rides you will automatically qualify to use our fantastic R.M.SŪ

The R.M.SŪ allows you to add multiple rides to your account without having to publish them onto the live site until you ready. This gives you time to prepare images, text, content and any other information you might need to sell your car.

The best thing about the R.M.SŪ is if you have to dash off out in the middle of listing you ride all you have to do is save your details and it will be ready and waiting for you to continue next time you log in!

Using the R.M.SŪ while your ride/s are live

The R.M.SŪ runs along side all of your live published listings as well as those that aren’t too. This means that you can log in at any time to edit or amend ride details including price and text content. For security reasons you cannot change the name or manufacturer of your ride however a simple email to us will cure that one for you!


If you would like a more detailed, in depth guide to usin gor R.M.S system please click here


The R.M.SŪ is an easy to use solution to selling your ride and we are constantly improving the system to make you Street Rides experience better.

If you have any suggestions or ideas to improve the R.M.S please do not hesitate to contact us, your feedback is very valuable to us.

If you wish to leave feedback on the R.M.SŪ or share your thoughts and ideas please email our Web Manager - Sam Barnes by clicking here