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Various pieces of ICE equipment


  • What is ICE?
  • How do i change my rides ICE?
  • Will any ICE fit into my car?
  • What are the benefits of having ICE in my ride?
  • What are the disadvantages of having ICE in my ride?
  • What is the legality of having ICE in my ride?

  • What is ICE?

    In Car Entertainment or ICE for short encompasses everything from a replacement stereo to a "Sound Off" winning sound system with DVD and multiple screens. It is like a drug and once hooked is difficult to get away from. The difference being this drug does not wear off and has no real side effects.

    How do I change my rides ICE?

    Most people start with a replacing the standard stereo in the car. Noticing the improvement in sound they soon upgrade the speakers, add a subwoofer and amplifiers. At each stage they will notice an improvement in sound. After listening to other systems they will then want to improve the quality of the sound by using higher quality speakers, amps etc. On changing their car they will know the type of sound they want in their next car.

    Will any ICE fit into my car?

    By spending a little time with their local car audio specialist a system can be designed around their car taking into account their musical tastes and budget. It is very important that a system is put together with a specialist as not all components fit in all cars. The specialist can recommend the correct size components, install the system safely and set it up to give the optimum sound.

    What are the adv of ICE?

    Having an improved sound system in your ride means you will have a better music quality when out on the roads. Depending on what spec you have you can present it nicely to others at cruises and shows too.

    What are the disadv of ICE?

    Having expensive sound equipment in your ride can also attract the wrong type of attention. Thieves will quite happily make a mess of you pride and joy just so they can make a few extra quid so please becareful and keep your ride and its valuables safe or hidden away.

    Having a loud sound system can disatract you from hazards that are around you on the roads. Please be aware that while your sound system is pumping out over 1000 watts inside your ride outside there might be a more fatal issue that is a horn beep away!

    Whats the legality of ICE?

    To have some ICE in your ride isn’t illegal that’s why most cars have some form of ICE as standard. However if you think driving down the road whilst playing your playstation out of your in car tv screen is acceptable then your in for a shock.

    The police are quite tolerant on the road laws and will generally only stop you if they think you are casuing danger to other road users. They will ask you to turn off any distracting audio / visual items such as tvs, screens, and gaming equipment unless you are using the screen for driving use (ie as a rear view mirror).

    Having your ”tunes” blaring out of your ride whilst driving through town wont do you any favours either. Not only will it annoy the heck out of everyone around you also run the risk of bumping into a police officer who claims you are violating the legal sound limit. This often ends in a fine and further inspection and doesn’t earn you any extra street cred when people see the police removing your sound equipment on the side of the high street.