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Everything you need to know about a vehicles exhaust system and the neccessary upgrades available

The Basics:

What is an Exhaust?

An exhaust on a car or vehicle is the pipework that runs from the engine on your car normally to the rear of the car.

What do they do?

The exhaust systems main uses are to A, tone down the engine noise form the car using silencers and secondly to remove the burnt fuel gases from an engine safely.

How do exhausts work?

An exhaust works by sucking the leftover mixture or fuel and air out of the engine thorugh a series of pipes called the manifold. These four pipes will then blend into one piece known as the downpipe. The gases are then pushed thorugh a series of boxes and pipes untill it will eventually reach the tail pipe and the excess gases are then released into the air.

On cars manufactured after 1992 the exhaust system has to have a Catalyctic Convertor (or Cat as its otherwise known) by law. This Cat is normally found after the downpipe and before the centre box on a vehicle.

The Law on Exhausts:

In regards to the law on a vehicle exhaust system it has to be up to the necessary standard to pass an MOT test. Blowing exhausts or missing sections will cause a noiser sound and will also not meet the necessary Emissions standard in and MOT test.

What are Emissions?

Exhaust emissions are the pollutants emitted by the engine through the tailpipe. High exhaust emission leads to smog, poor air quality, and global warming. If your vehicle doesn't meet the required emissions reading in an MOT test it will fail.